You communicated very effectively, you were available via multiple communication avenues including email, chat and telephone. You were always quick to respond with great advice that was easy to follow and understand. It is clear to me that you understand the confusing and turbulent housing market of today. I had very high expectations for my work and you met every one of them.

When I contacted Kevin to ask him for help selling my house I was having trouble getting my bank to take my calls for help seriously. They kept telling me to do things that were financially impossible for me. (Things like “do you have a rich uncle that can loan you the money you need?”) He offered advice that got them moving quickly. My house closed in about 60 days after I started talking to him. I could not have asked Kevin to do anything more than he did, he was always there to help when I needed him.

There are a lot of realtors out there that have their own interests first. I have worked with them. Kevin is not one of “those” realtors in that he truly cares about his clients and their needs. Keep that up and you will go far in this business.

— Anonymous